In Episode 17, the Dr’s discuss the importance of Chiropractic care specifically for pregnant mothers and even newborns!

Imagine a spine that has started being adjusted from the very beginning of life. The ability for the spinal chord to communicate without any interference from the VERY beginning of life. Sounds great right? 

The fact is, many children (and adults) run into issues with allergies, asthma, behavioral inconsistencies, etc… and so many times it can be a result of interference to/from the brain through the spinal chord.

The Health Majors (Dr. Michael & Cassie Major from Major Family Chiropractic in Nashville, TN) have specifically had patients (including small children) with these issues who have been completely healed after a few short months of adjustments. One of their consistent phrases is “We move the bone, God does the healing” – Their goal is to remove any interference so the body can communicate to the best of its ability to heal.


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