At the end of the day, the human body may be mobile and able to go anywhere and do anything at a given time… but in this episode we tear apart the myth that the human body is “wireless” – Because IT’S NOT! We are COMPLETELY WIRED!

It’s as simple as looking at how a house is electrified. You have a master power panel where electricity comes into the house… then from there, it’s split to the different power connections around the house. If a breaker gets tripped, or there’s interference from the master power panel to a specific outlet,  something either won’t work complete, or you’ll have a short, could malfunction anything that’s plugged into that outlet, or worse, it could burn the whole place down!

Your body is WIRED. Your brain is the master panel and your spinal chord and nervous system is the wiring to the necessary outlets and connections throughout your body. If there’s interference, a short, or blockage, medicine may cover up the symptom and elevate pain for a period of time… but until the source is fixed, (chiropractic care if you haven’t already got the hint), you’ll be coming back around to the same pain and trouble again down the road.

SO TUNE IN! Listen to the stories and practical steps the Dr’s give in this episode, and your body will be all the better for it!


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