In episode 66 we’re talking about sunscreen! It’s that time of the year where weather is getting nicer, you’re starting to hear birds chirp, see trees bud, and everyone’s getting gym (cabin) fever. Which can only mean one thing… time to go OUTSIDE!

That said, we often forget the largest organ in/on our body… and whether we like it or not, our skin can often take more heat than we anticipate… literally.

Enter, sunscreen… but wait. We all know how important health is… and there are SO MANY chemicals in the average sunscreen… So in this episode, we’re opening  up about how to keep your skin safe both in the short term safety from sunburns to the longterm safety of a plethora of other issues.

“It’s a no braino!”

Also, don’t forget, we’re constantly giving things away! You’ll have to listen to this episode in it’s entirety if you wanna be in the “know”!

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