In Episode 68, we sit down and have real talk about the mindset of investment over cost. At the end of the day, things we love should cost us something.

If you love your body, and want to keep it for a while, there’s cost involved… exercise, healthy eating habits, higher quality ingredients, disciplining yourself, sleep, etc…

But often times we neglect or don’t know about the cost of preemptive, preventative health care. 

In this episode, we break down the cost of not having preventative care and having to pay way more after something happens to your body (disease, accidents, etc.) or the alternative, paying a small consistent amount to keep your body healthy and strong and costing you way less on the back end.

“It’s a no braino!”

If you haven’t had an x-ray of your neck or back, NOW IS THE TIME! Don’t waste another minute. – Get examined today. If you have questions, reach out to us!

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