In Episode 9, Dr Michael & Cassie talk about what health actually is. The ongoing mindset is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – Many people think health is defined by the way they feel, or the way they look in the mirror. 

In this episode, the Drs share some stories… truths about health regardless of feel, look, or level of activity… even with a good diagnosis from a doctor… are you still healthy? 

The word “HEALTH” – has the word “HEAL” in it. The Drs talk about health being the designed function and healing the body can do when it’s operating the way it should. 

So what keeps the body from functioning correctly? 

There’s only one thing that operates the whole body… The BRAIN.

And the brain sends signals all throughout the body thru the nervous system.

Enter – Chiropractic care. Your neck and spine. The most important piece to keeping the body HEALthy.

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