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The 5 Essentials™

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Simplifying Good Health For Life

At Major Family Chiropractic, we try to simplify the many and complex options for finding your personal and natural health and wellness plan for life. Our 5 Essentials™ plan has chiropractic care at the core — your spine is your body’s central information highway. Correcting spinal abnormalities maximizes your nerve supply and enhances your body’s ability to heal. In addition to core chiropractic, the four other powerful essentials are our unique approach on mindset, pure and simple nutrition, exercise and oxygen, and minimizing toxin exposure. On their own or in combination – we customize the right balance so you can align your health naturally. Transform your health today.

Lifelong Health Starts with Chiropractic

Your first visit with Major Family Chiropractic is focused on assessing your current health and helping you understand how your lifestyle is impacting you. Everyone’s body is different, and each person has unique needs and health challenges — that’s why we help you set realistic health and wellness goals that are customized to you. Some patients simply want to be free from pain and be able to do their day-to-day activities. Others are looking for a way to feel better and look their best, and everyone wants to age well. Our scientifically-based approach to healthcare is based on restoring your body’s natural ability to heal, increasing energy and vitality. The 5 Essentials™ work because they’re what your body needs for natural wellness, and we’re happy to be there to support you every step of the way

Core Chiropractic

The proper function of the nervous system through spinal correction is central to chiropractic care. The spine connects all of the cells, organs, and systems in the body. Improper spinal alignment is common and is caused by physical, chemical, and emotional stress that affects your body every day. Optimizing nerve supply through spinal correction unlocks your body’s natural potential for your best performance and faster healing. A chiropractor will provide you with proper spinal correction and rehabilitation needed for complete correction of the spine and nervous system.


You are what you eat – what you put into your body affects not only how your body functions, but how you feel every day. Our nutritional assessments help you understand your current nutritional baseline to create a plan for your body’s specific needs. Nutrition goes beyond weight loss — a healthy diet focused on natural foods improves your body’s composition and muscle-to-fat ratio, helping you achieve better health to last a lifetime.



A healthy body starts with the right mindset. We’ll start with understanding where you are today to help you build a new mindset about health, wellness, and healing. We believe a healthy lifestyle supports nutrients for optimal brain function, stress management, and good sleep patterns. We’re here to support you in creating and following a new lifestyle plan.

Oxygen & Exercise

Exercise helps your body increase oxygen levels and lean muscle, helping reduce fat and improve performance while increasing your ability to fight stress, anxiety, and other illnesses. Our scientifically-based exercise programs incorporate interval training and are designed to be quick and easy to fit into your life. Combined with the rest of the 5 Essentials™, regular exercise will supercharge your ability to enjoy your life and do the things you want to do.



Minimize Toxins

Harmful chemicals surround us every day in our lives — our program supports the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself, resulting in long-lasting positive effects. We’ll also provide you with strategies to create new lifestyle habits to minimize your exposure. Good health and longevity depends on regaining your body’s natural balance and helping it detoxify itself.



Curious which of the 5 Essentials™ you need the most help with, or not sure where to start? 

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Changed My Life…

I’m so grateful to have Dr. Cassie and Dr. Michael as my primary care doctors. They’re honest, loving, and really great at what they do. Being at Major Family Chiropractic (2 years and counting) has changed my life! I’m healthier and happier than ever. The doctors have such a commitment not just to patient care, but to the individual patient’s experience. They’ve created an amazing environment. Nashville is so blessed to have this health center. They get to the cause, teach prevention and what true health really is, and make you part of the family on your lifelong health journey. Don’t miss out on the amazing things this place can do for you and your family!


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